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Pro Designs Shower Wall Panels

Prepare to lose your marbles with a revolutionary wall panel design material that makes
thrilling transformations easy. Epic, even.


Waterproof luxury wall panels

Wetwall elevates a bathroom’s aesthetic, matches a variety of plumbing finishes and looks more expensive than it is.


Patented Scratch-&-Scuff-Resistant AEON™ Technology

Our wall panels create a seamless finish that stays tough in high-traffic spaces.


One-material-and-done installation

A dimensionally stable core means quick-install wall panels that are easier than tile, more durable than marble and much sturdier than acrylic–no extra materials needed.

What are Wetwall wall panels made of?

  • 01 High-Performance Top Design Layer
  • 02 Waterproof Adhesive
  • 03 Solid Waterproof Core
  • 04 High-Performance Bottom Layer

Frequently asked questions

What material are Wetwall panels made of?

Our patented wall panel system consists of two panels made of a high-performance top design layer, a PUR panel adhesive, a solid waterproof core and a high-performance bottom layer.

In what configurations can Wetwall surround a tub or shower? 

Our bathroom panels are available as single walls, corners, and alcoves thanks to our patented tongue-and-groove system. Postformed panels can extend beyond bath or shower surrounds to remodel bathroom walls and ceilings for customized, seamless look.

Can Wetwall be used for floors?

No, Wetwall is designed for wall applications.

What bathroom panel sizes are available?

Widths: 8” in 96” only, 30”, 32”, 36”, 48”, 60” Heights: 72”, 96” 

How thick is a Wetwall panel? 

The nominal thickness of a Wetwall panel is 10.5mm, or approx. 0.41 inches.

In what edge finishes are Wetwall panels available?

Panels can feature a flat edge, tongue/groove edge, and a decorative bullnose edge.

How much does a Wetwall panel weigh?

Our lightweight panels are approximately 1.65lb/sq ft. A standard 32x60x72” 4-panel kit weighs approximately 105lbs.

How long does it take to install Wetwall?

A tub or shower surround takes an average of only 2.5 hours to install.

Does Wetwall need special sealants?

Yes, Wetwall sealant is carefully color matched to the panels for a seamless look. Plus it’s engineered with AEON® Enhanced Scratch-&-Scuff-Resistant Performance Technology to provide a more durable surface that stays beautiful for years. Its built-in Antimicrobial Protection guards the surface from mold and mildew.

Can I use Wetwall around windowsills and niches? 

A combination of different Wetwall panel configurations can be cut and assembled to create custom waterproof windowsills and niches. 


Get inspired by the experts

See how some of the Internet’s favorite builders work
with Wetwall in their bathrooms.


Bath & Shower

Complete your bathroom transformation with coordinating, prefabricated niches & shelves.


Bath & Shower

Complete your bathroom transformation with coordinating, prefabricated niches & shelves.

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