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Pro Plus Collection

Simple Solutions for Complex Jobs

Introducing our new collection of waterproof wall panel designs made for commercial architects, designers and builders working on larger-scale projects. Cut back on labor, time and cost without sacrificing beauty.

Larger-Scale Solutions

Ideal for jobs requiring over 9,700 sqft of material with a 1/2 truckload order minimum.

Beats the Cost of Tile

Total installation cost (materials, time, labor) consistently averages less than tile.

Dependable Timelines

Quick installation & reliable lead times help manage deadlines with clear expectations.

Easy on the timeline. And on the eyes. 

High-efficiency installation for high-traffic spaces.

01 Education

Dorm and campus bathroom spaces keep their A+ looks with durable shower panels that hold up semester after semester.

02 Senior Living

Create a welcoming space with subtle patterns friendly to aging eyes, and sleek surfaces that are easy to keep clean.

03 Hospitality

Luxuriously modern panels stay pristine and post-worthy from one guest to the next.

04 Multifamily

Spend less time prepping for new tenants and more time wowing them with like-new bathroom spaces.

05 More Possibilities

Public restrooms, locker rooms, dog groomers…Wetwall adapts to the needs of every wet space.


A Standout in Any Space

Wetwall promises to look good from one 
tenant to the next, and it’s a fraction of the 
cost and installation time of tile and grout.

– Art Brooks, Mountco Project Superintendent

A Clean Look That Lasts


Patented Waterproof System

Installs seamlessly with customizable tongue-and-groove panels & color matched sealant. 


AEON™ Technology 

Wall panels create a seamless finish that stays tough in high-traffic spaces and looks luxe longer. 


Antimicrobial Protection 

Panels inhibit growth of bacteria, mold and mildew, and are cleaned easily with soapy water and a towel.  


Timeless Design

Choose from an array of classic looks that will remain fresh even as design trends evolve. 

What are Wetwall wall panels made of?

  • 01 High-Performance Top Design Layer
  • 02 Waterproof Adhesive
  • 03 Solid waterproof Core
  • 04 High-performance Bottom Layer

Wall Panel Edge Configurations

The panels come in standard widths, including 36", 48" and 60", and a standard height of 96".

Utility Panels

Tongue Edge + Groove Edge

This most flexible panel is used to continue the design beyond single panel widths

Tongue Edge + Bullnose Edge

This Bullnose Edge combined with a TE to cap the end of the TE/GE panels.

Bullnose Edge + Flat Edge

The Bullnose Edge is perfect for wing wall or terminating walls.

Bullnose Edge + Bullnose Edge

The ideal panel edge to feature behind a free-standing bathtub or stand-alone wall.

Back Wall Panels

Wing Wall Panels

Tongue Edge + Flat Edge

The easy-to-handle TE/FE panels are ideal for a seamed back wall.

Groove Edge + Flat Edge

The easy-to-handle GE/FE panels are ideal for a seamed back wall.

Flat Edge + Flat Edge

The FE/FE panels are best for a one piece wall.

Groove Edge + Bullnose Edge

This Bullnose Edge combined with a GE to cap the end of the TE/GE panels.

Wing Wall Panels

Groove Edge + Bullnose Edge

This Bullnose Edge combined with a GE to cap the end of the TE/GE panels.

More Options for Any Job Size

For jobs that don’t meet the 1/2-truckload minimum requirement, check out our Pro Collection. Choose from even more design options that work with any project size, available through contractors and direct distributors.

Inspiration from the Experts

See how some of the Internet’s favorite builders and innovators bring Wetwall designs to life in bathrooms, locker rooms and other wet areas. Discover new ways to add beauty to the busiest of spaces.

Frequently asked questions

What makes Wetwall Pro Plus different from other Wetwall collections?

Our Wetwall Pro Plus Collection is intended for larger-scale commercial building projects involving a minimum ½ truckload order, which represents roughly 120 standard 3-wall bath and shower surrounds, or over 9,700 sqft. Projects not meeting these minimums should check out our Wetwall Pro Designs Collection for options tailored to smaller jobs.

Is there a minimum purchase requirement?

Yes, orders must meet our ½ truckload purchase minimum, which equates to roughly 120 standard 3-wall bath and shower surrounds, or over 9,700 sqft.

Can the remaining ½ truckload be used for mixed stock inventory replenishment?

Yes, the remaining ½ truckload can be used for mixed stock inventory replenishment. 

Can I purchase multiple designs?

The program is based on ½ truckload minimum of a single design. If the customer would like to select two designs, they will need to place a ½ truckload for each individual design.

Where can I find Wetwall panel specs? 

You can review our product specifications here.

Are there other designs available to purchase?

Yes, you are welcome to consider designs from our Pro Designs Collection as well as our Lowe’s Collection and Menards Collection.

Is the freight pre-paid?

Yes, the less-than-truckload (LTL) cost is included in the panel price.

How long is the lead time for large orders?

The lead time is approximately 20 business days.

Should I purchase an overage amount when placing my order?

Customers should account for 10% overage when ordering. This guideline encourages customers to order a slightly higher quantity than they initially require, taking into account potential errors or wastage during installation. It ensures that customers have enough material to complete their project without requiring additional orders later. 

Who is Wetwall Pro Plus best suited to? 

We recommend our Pro Plus Collection to professionals who need larger-scale solutions for new construction or remodels. Examples of people who might be best served by our collection include:

  • Commercial Architects
  • Commercial Designers
  • Commercial Builders
  • Large-scale Remodelers
  • Multifamily Architects
  • Hospitality Architects
  • Hospitality Designers 
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