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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Wetwall?

Wetwall is an innovative wall panel system for wet applications, such as tub or shower walls, wainscoting, wall cladding, backsplashes, tub skirts and more.

Why Wetwall?

Our revolutionary design material transforms bathrooms quicker and easier for a luxe look that’s less expensive (and stays beautiful longer) than tile.

What materials are Wetwall panels made of?

Our patented panel system consists of a decorative high-performance top sheet, bonded to a solid composite core and a non-decorative high-performance bottom sheet. This makes Wetwall both waterproof and lightweight.

What tub & shower configurations can Wetwall be used for?

Single wall, corner, and alcove baths/showers. Innovative tongue/groove and postformed panels can extend beyond bath/shower surrounds.

What are the advantages over bathroom tile?

Where do we begin? Tile is heavy and brittle. It’s porous, letting in moisture which leads to mold and mildew. It scratches and scuffs. And, because it requires grout, it’s difficult to clean and even harder to install. Wetwall, on the other hand, is waterproof, resists mold, cleans up easily and can be installed in a snap. And with simple prep, Wetwall can be adhered right over existing tile.

What are the advantages over cement board? 

Cement boards need to lay completely flat, otherwise moisture can enter, leading to buckled tile and cracked marble and stone. Wetwall adheres to subsurfaces, locking out moisture for a worry-free fit.

Collection Designs

What design options are available?

All of our design collections feature marble, stone, wood and abstract prints. Our pro designs offer fully customizable bathroom solutions that are suited for both residential and commercial applications. Our Lowe’s and Menards designs only offer kitted solutions for most standard shower and bathtub surrounds.

What bathroom panel sizes are available?

Back Walls, Wing Walls and Utility Walls:

Width:  8" | 32” (with 96" only)

30" | 36" | 48" | 60"

Height: 72" | 96"

What size kits are available?

The Bathtub Surround Kit includes the following panel sizes:

Back Wall Width  :  60"
Wing Wall Depth :  32”
Panel Heights      :  60" | 72"


The Shower Surround Kit includes the following panel sizes:

Back Wall Width  :  36" | 48"
Wing Wall Depth :  34” | 48"
Panel Heights      :  72" | 96"


What is included in each kit? 

Each easy-to-install kit includes panels, panel adhesive and color-matched sealant for a quick, grout-free application.


How long does it take to install Wetwall?

Installing a new Wetwall tub or Shower Surround system takes approximately 2.5 hours from start to finish.

What bases do the panels go on?

Our patented tongue-and-groove panels fit and lock into existing spaces to quickly go over various substrates — gypsum (sheetrock), greenboard, fiberboard, cement or concrete board, plaster and of course, even tile.

Can Wetwall be used for ceiling or floors?

No, Wetwall is designed for wall applications.

Can I use Wetwall around window sills and niches?

Yes, Wetwall panels are easily cut to finish the look around windows and niches.

In what configurations can Wetwall surround a tub or shower?

Single wall, corner and alcove baths/showers. Innovative tongue/groove and post-formed panels can extend beyond bath/shower surrounds.

In what edge finishes are Wetwall panels available?

Wetwall panels come in Tongue edge, Groove edge, Flat edge and Bullnose edge configurations, which eliminates the need for additional hardware or extruded metal edge treatments.

How thick is a Wetwall panel?

The nominal thickness of a Wetwall panel is 10.5mm, or approx. 0.41 inches.

How much does a Wetwall panel weigh?

Our lightweight patented panels are approx. 1.65 lb/sq.ft. A standard 32" W x 60" L x 72" H 4-panel kit will weigh approximate­ly 105 lbs.

What tools can I use to install Wetwall?

You’ll need a pencil, tape measure, drill, heavy-duty caulking gun, hole saw, level circular saw with a fine tooth blade, square chalk-line, heavy-duty suction cups, router, denatured alcohol and 1/8” wooden shims.

If the tongue-and-groove is cut, how can I seal it to prevent mold?

Once the panels are securely in place and set, apply the color-matched sealant to any cuts to keep out water.

Does Wetwall need special sealants?

Yes, Wetwall sealant is carefully color matched to the panels for a seamless look. Plus it’s engineered with AEON® Enhanced Scratch-&-Scuff-Resistant Performance Technology to provide a more durable surface that stays beautiful for years. Its built-in Antimicrobial Protection guards the surface from mold and mildew.

What color sealant should I use?

Wetwall offers an array of sealants designed to carefully match the color of your panels for a seamless look. Plus our sealant is Scratch-&-Scuff-Resistant to provide a more durable surface that stays beautiful for years. Its built-in Antimicrobial Protection guards the surface from mold and mildew.

How and where should I apply the sealant?

Once all panels are securely in place and set, apply the color matched sealant to all corners, seams between panels and gaps between bottom panels and tub or shower pan.

Can I attach a grab bar, storage or accessories?

Yes, Wetwall panels are easily cut to allow for the installation of shower heads, bath spouts, handles and grab bars. And it’s simple to complete the look with a niche or corner shelf.

Can I install Wetwall with just one person?

Yes. Wetwall panels are lightweight making it easy for one person to handle and install them.

Where to Buy

Where can I buy Wetwall?

There are two ways to purchase Wetwall: Shop online at Lowe’s and Menards for our all-in-one kits. Or you can find our pro design panels at select kitchen and bath showrooms or through our preferred contractors. 

What are the lead times for Wetwall?

Order online and Wetwall can be in your hands in just 7 days.

How do I order extra materials?

You can order extra sealant and adhesive directly at For individual panels or other custom solutions, consider our Pro Designs Collection.

How do I check my order status?

To check your order, contact Please include your name, address and purchase order information. 

Where can I purchase adhesives and sealants?

You can purchase adhesives and color matched sealants at Lowe’s, Menards or online at